Reston GP

Same ole’ story. Result wasn’t what I would hope for, but it was a damn fun, fast, and crash free (at least for most) race. I was active in following or making moves. After chasing Steven Grant (NCVC) for a lap – and realizing no one was willing to pull through – I decided to just try and bridge. The pack let me go and as I was closing in on him George Opria (Evolution) showed up. He was killing it, and Steven and I were doing our best just to survive. With two to go I really thought we had a chance. The crowd was encouraging us that we had a good gap. But alas, the damn pack chased us down and we were caught at the start/finish line with one to go. It was everything I could do to not get blown out the back. I had nothing left to get back up to the front to fight for the sprint. I simply got out the saddle and swung back and forth – impersonating a sprint.

After the prior day’s effort at Skyline I was happy that my body came around after about 20 minutes, because it was starting to feel like I was going to DNF in the early goings. Toona is quickly approaching and the training has been ramping up. Doesn’t necessarily leave me fresh for some of these races, but if I can still work my ass off in a break with 2 to go, its better than finishing near the back of the pack (what was left of it) having not done anything, I guess. I got two primes as well (2nd place in a two-up prime sprint and 3rd in our ill-fated breakaway). Unfortunately, the primes, though nice, are useless to me. 6 months free membership at Gold’s Gym – the ones out in Reston/Herndon/Ashburn (in other words, 45 minutes for me). The other prime was for a 3 personal trainer sessions. Again, in the Herndon area. I think massage is offered as a service, so that may work if I can find an excuse to be out that way.

Note worthy was Pete Custer taking the W. He has been tearing it up and played his cards to perfection in this race. Jose was apparently bearing down on him in the sprint, but Pete still edged him out in a photo finish. The racing has been stellar and any given weekend there is about 10 different guys – probably more – that could take the win.


~ by Indy on June 27, 2007.

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