Raced on Saturday in Crystal City. Fun course – fast, technical, etc. Some road buttons made it a little sketchy in the 3rd turn, but otherwise it was safe. It wasn’t until after my race, while watching the pros with Josh, that we noticed how rough turn 4 was. It had a brick cross walk that you had to take at a tangent and the interface between the cross walk and pavement had a lip that jolted the riders. Funny how these things don’t really register while racing. Kind of like my front wheel braking surface. It looks like a dog has been chewing on my rim and when I brake it grabs, thumps, and is generally an unpleasant experience. Point is, I never notice while racing, just the rest of the time.

Well the race was way too short. 36 minutes. No shit. I road around on the course for an additional half hour after, changed, ate, chatted with folks….all before the next race (pro woman) started. About 1.5 later! They couldn’t extend our race just a little bit??

Nothing much to right about. Oh, except Steven Grant almost killed me at one point when he cut me off – unintentionally I’m sure ;). I slide my way through turn 2 and was happy that was all. I was envisioning a nice pile up. Got in an early break that came back immediately and otherwise I generally didn’t do much. When it came down to the sprint I was in terrible position. I remember going down the back stretch in about 20th place with two turns to go I was in a crappy place, but didn’t do anything about it. I don’t want to be the jackass that flies up the left side of the road and dives in ahead of everyone, but I need to do something next time. Like getting to the front and staying there. In the final 200m two guys were bumping each other in front of me, which led to them getting unstable and shaking – I thought one or both was gonna go down. Luckily, no crash, but I let off the gas and that was all she wrote. Finished a miserable 23rd. Mike E. took another win – he’s racing strong and smart. Lessons to be learned from that. He also took the preme – a set of wheels. I really need new wheels (see above), so I was sort of motivated to try my hand. My hand was apparently read by a dyslexic retard because I tried some lame ass move on the right side of the field, exposed in the wind, with about 400m before the line. Idiot. Not to mentioned, teammate Josh was also going for it, up the left side. Our communication blows. Oh well…I enjoy racing so in the end I can’t complain to get to do what I like and not end up on the pavement. Actually, that’s some sappy hippy shit – I want to win. Otherwise, why race. Ying-Yang.

Josh sent out this pic from the race. Frank, Josh, and me in formation. Too bad it didn’t result in much. I like the shot of the “older” guy in the back left. I hope I’m out racing with the “youngins” when I’ve gone gray.


Made up for it with a nice long ride to Poolesville Sunday. The 10am ride was nearly nonexistent, but a few of us took off and a small group developed. When we hit the hills on Glenn I punched it up the first pitch. Judd jumped on the next one and suddenly we were down to only 4 guys. However Judd’s enthusiasm was short lived. After overdoing it the day before with an epic ride, his ticket got punched as we stayed on the gas through the additional rollers on Glenn. He and I throttled back and let the other two mash on ahead. Turned out to be a smart in order to enjoy the ride to and from Pville without dying in the heat. Ended up being a nice day of riding.


~ by Indy on June 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “CCC”

  1. So…I’m a manhole cover, hunh?

  2. Noted – boozing must have caused that glitch. Its been corrected by my IT staff.

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