sucking wheels

why? why do some cyclists – many indeed – feel the need to jump on the wheel of some random guy who just passed them? It happened to me yesterday while heading home on the CCT. I said “on your left”. Then “hello” – to which I received no audible, nor visual, response. Later up the trail I look over my left shoulder as I initiate a lane change to pass a jogger heading in the same direction and the aforementioned yutz is on my left, overlapping wheels with me. I slow up to allow him to pass me and the jogger. I know this isn’t his intention – he’d rather catch a free ride – but I am trying to call him out and figure out what the hell he is doing. He throttles back and gets back on my wheel. Great. Like a pilot fish. Once pass the jogger I decide it would be a good time to do some intervals. Kill two cyclists with one effort.

Last week while climbing Old Anglers I passed a cyclist – same scenario. To a “T”. Side note: what does that mean? Anyway, I say hello, on your left, he ignores me, blah, blah. I turn right at the top, get something to eat and drink, then look over my shoulder before I initiate a pass around a cyclist. Again, jackass is sitting on my wheel. He must have charged back onto my wheel when I sat up to eat/drink. Fine. But go around. I’m not here to usher your ass up the road. A bit farther up Falls Rd I swing right to avoid a pot hole and unintentionally put this guy right into it because I didn’t call it out for his benefit. For a moment, I felt bad. I thought the guy crashed based on the sound of his bike getting pulverized by the gaping hole. When I looked back and saw he was ok, but clearly rattled, I smiled and just kept going.

Mean, right? F-that. I hate when some random schmuck decides its ok to “pace line” with you. I’ve had some guys thank me for the pull when I pull off for a turn or something…”thanks?” I didn’t even know you were there. It’s not so much that they’re sucking my wheel. I was going to ride in that direction, at that speed, anyway. What bothers me is being unannounced. At least ask if you can catch a ride. I had one particular Ass Clown get upset when I quickly slowed and avoided something in the road. He told me I should give a “heads up”. To which I replied that he should have intercourse with himself. You all (cyclists out there) know what I am talking about. It puts my nuts in a bind.


~ by Indy on June 12, 2007.

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  1. bitter…party of one!!

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