cabin escape

went to Basye, VA this past weekend. Due West of DC, just along the WV/VA border. My brother and I went to see Tool the night before in Baltimore and, in a sure sign of aging, we’re physically hurting. Not from too much drinking. No, too much head banging, yelling, stomping, what-have-you. He was complaining so much about how his groin muscles hurt it sounded – well, not quite right. My neck was killing from the standard piston like movement one makes with their head during rocking out.

well our escape with the significant others and baby in tote rectified these woes. beautiful weather and too much eating, drinking, and…napping. Damn, I forgot what that was, but naps are awesome. I took one both days for about 2 hours each. I slept so much I was tired.

Here’s some pix from our hike…the one barely strenuous thing we did. We drove to the top of the ridge, one the border, and hiked the north mountain trail – a gently rolling trail along the ridge. Great views on both sides were offered.


~ by Indy on June 12, 2007.

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