I am attending another conference this week. Situated close by at GMU/Fairfax, I decided to take the metro/bus option. Biking crossed my mind, but carrying a laptop on my back through potential rain storms seemed like a bad idea. That, and having to ultimately bath in a bathroom sink to be clean enough to mingle with other fire nerds put the vote against this option. Driving would/could be a nightmare with traffic, so mass transit was my choice.

Holy crap – no wonder people drive everywhere. It took me over 2 hours to go less than 20 miles and I had to deal with schmucks that cut you off just to get on the bus faster…much like driving.  I gave up my seat for a woman with a child and then the bus driver scolded me for sanding in the door isle, which was the only place available to stand on the crowded bus. On the way home I had the proverbial loud cell phone talker sitting across from me; I had a guy get up and inadvertently slap me in the face with the dangling straps from his bag; and I was crushed beneath the dead weight of the another guy’s mass who sat on my other side. Both drivers (in the morning and evening) were total assess who drove like maniacs and were rude to the odd passenger who might not have put in the exact amount of money.

Conference side note – I am generally taciturn, especially regarding scientific topics as to make sure I don’t sound like an ass until I know all the facts/details. But yesterday I had to throw some knowledge around at the conference. I usually am of the mind set that people giving talks know more about the topic they are giving then I do. However, I listened to a few yesterday that had me scratching my head.  Sounded like total crap research and bullshit results.  Then someone raises a question after the talk and makes a statement about the MODIS results…his statement was totally effing wrong too.  He had it (“it” being the diurnal observation cycle of fires from the Terra and Aqua satellites) completely backwards.  Anyway, goes to show just because someone calls you Doctor – doesn’t mean you know jack shit.  Another reason I avoid the other type of Doctors – the ones with needles and scalpels.


~ by Indy on June 7, 2007.

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