I was sucking wind and choking on phlegm tonight at Greenbelt. The effing pollen is through the roof and my allergies are stuffing me into the hurt locker. I saw the doctor last week and got my regular cocktail of 3-As…Advair, Albuturol, and Allegra. Still, I was hacking away trying to clear the crap out of the back of my throat to breath normally. Problem is, this is sort of a downward spiral because the more I hack, the worse it gets and my lungs and throat begin to spasm. I love and hate spring.

The race tonight was fast and I lost track of how many moves got away and stuck, but suffice it so say that a large group, followed by others bridging up, put plenty of time into the pack and I think I heard they had 1:45 on us at one point. Jittery Joe’s pro team was there too which added plenty of fuel to the fire. One by one these guys launched off the front until none were left with us in the main group. I’m interested to hear how it unfolded up in the break because the race I was in was generally boring. We all tried to attack or push the pace, but by “all” I mean about 10 different guys out of the pack. I guess the rest were fine with just doing laps and sprinting for 16th place. The field got shattered too, I think, because at the end there weren’t many people contesting the sprint. Well, I got a good workout in and stayed active. After-all, we’re there to train – right?

1:15 of racing and a TSS of 144 and normalized power of 351W. Total including ride to and from Greenbelt netted me a ride time of 2.5 hours and TSS of 215. Not bad for a Wednesday. But I am cooked now. Not to mention I drank a bit too much for my birthday last night. Belgians, Germans, Americans – they were all celebrating with me.


~ by Indy on May 30, 2007.

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