Max Blob’s

Went to this Bavarian Biergarten on Friday night for Judd’s bday. We planned well – hiring a minivan/taxi to transport our drunk asses back home. Arriving at the joint around 8:30 I was a bit skeptical. It was mostly empty and reeked. Turns out the smell was vinegar from their cooking brats. Also turns out those brats were awesome. Especially, the Knockwurst. After about 30 minutes and one pitcher down the smell was gone – and the drinking and eating was on. Long story short, after a lot of persuading from the regulars we got out on the dance floor to shake our asses to some polka. I suck at dancing, but damn it was fun. And the more Spaten Oktoberfest I drank the better I got. It was a freak show for sure. I danced with our waitress who has been working there since ’74. Danced with another 78 year old woman. And was chastised for not dancing on my toes by some Barney looking guy wearing a purple shirt.

We laughed a ton, drank even more, and danced enough to put us nearly back to sober. Nearly.

Oh, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Judd was wearing lederhosen. In case you’re interested, you can get all your Bavarian digs here. Toolfest. Judd was also wearing a traditional hat (“trachten”). The rest of us had hats that Drew and Steph picked up from the costume store. However, these hats were closer to the style of Robin Hood, and thus the patrons at Max Blob’s referred to as “his” merry men. Great.


~ by Indy on May 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Max Blob’s”

  1. Holy crap… we definitely need pictures of Judd in Lederhosen.

  2. […] of an Era Got word from Juddish that Max Blob’s bit the […]

  3. Nice to be a part of Oktoberfest, you drank till you drop. I’ll be wearing my Bavarian Costume on that event

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