Bomb dropped on Landis yesterday. I never much liked Greg Lemond, but Landis (and his “manager”) look like complete A-holes. I didn’t need much convincing to believe Landis doped – but for me, this makes it pretty much concrete. Is anyone surprised? Many of the top guys have been busted – Hamilton, Basso, Ulrich, Pantani, …. the list goes on. Our dear ole’ Lance I am sure doped too. He just did a much better job of hiding it I would guess.


~ by Indy on May 18, 2007.

One Response to “Boom”

  1. In my book, LeMond is awesome. He did a ride with our shop a few months back and some teammates got to hang out with him after. They all said what a nice and friendly guy he was. I think he even bought some tix for our Pegoretti raffle.

    He deserves a medal for speaking out against doping, as far as I am concerned. It sure isn’t helping him sell bikes – he’d gain by keeping his mouth shut. I think the bad press he gets is largely due to the Armstrong press machine – can’t disagree with Lance, or you pay for it.

    Go Greg LeMond.

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