Kim and I went to the Blackwater national wildlife refuge yesterday to do some kayaking. The weather was perfect (light breeze, mix of sun/clouds, and mild temperatures – at least early on). We stopped by the rental place and then followed the owner to the put in along Route 335 and headed north up the Blackwater River. Our boat was an Old Town tandem kayak.

We’ve done some paddling together before, so our ability to work as a team has improved since early adventures which often came down to near death blows with paddles. Me being on the receiving end of course.

It was a great day. Minus a little sun burn and sore shoulders, we really enjoyed the trip. Four hours on the water and we saw at least a dozen Bald Eagles (they are huge, especially when you can get close enough to see just how big they are), one Osprey, a bunch of Turkey Vultures, a few Great Blue Herons, and a ton of song birds. Oh, and we got up close to a few water snakes. Not sure what the species was, but they were cool to watch as they “swam”.

kim_spotting_baldeagles.jpg Kim eyeing two Bald Eagles perched in a snag

e_blackwater.jpg Trying to capsize us.



~ by Indy on May 13, 2007.

One Response to “Blackwater”

  1. sounds like a refreshing respite after all the mechanical frustrations with old tin lizzie. If you get 10 years out of a vehicle, you are ahead of the game. Realize truck is paid for and you enjoy the challenge of fixing it but eventually, you end of putting more in than you get out and when old man winter arrives, you feel the need for reliable wheels. Maybe down the road?????

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