Goon – Belt

I am fried.  I’ve come to enjoy the Tuesday night Goon ride, save the traffic and occasional bone-headed move by a fellow cyclist.  These are generally rare and thus the ride is fun, spirited, and fast.  It’s a great workout with fast pace-lines, flurries of attacks, and some hard charging on a few hills.  In many ways, it’s a mini-race effort.

Wednesday night is the Greenbelt training series.  A well organized, friendly training race.  I say friendly because the mood is generally light.  Again, save the rare knucklehead looking for a pro contract.

So the past two days have landed me straight in the hurt locker.  I knew I was fatigued from a weekend of racing and Tuesday’s Goon ride, but decided to join Jaime (Battley-Harley) and Steven (NCVC) in an early (1st lap) break away.  Actually, I didn’t really commit to joining, but when I came through the course’s only turn and had a gap on the field I just kept mashing.  When I hit the hill, I pushed to bridge to these two.  Two others came (Chris Prickett from NCVC and Mike Githens from Gtown) across – and we were 5.  Steve eventually dropped off and we were down to 4.  This break stuck for 17 laps and onto the finish.  I was suffering.  Coming up the hill with 1 to go, leading the way, and knowing the others were waiting to attack I was resigned to finish 4th.  They knew I had been yo-yo’ing for the past 5 laps when they would surge past me.  Like clockwork, they attacked each other and I struggled just to keep them in sight.  I dangled 200m behind for the last lap and limped in for 4th.  Cooked, I road home it what was a humid, bug infested night.


~ by Indy on May 10, 2007.

One Response to “Goon – Belt”

  1. ROCK ON! Great result at a hard training race.

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