Effd at Ephrata

Quick Report.

Ephrata Stage Race, Ephrata, PA.

Stage 1: Saturday Farmersville Road Race. Flatted half way through lap 3. Day was over. Although the flier said neutral support, it turned out to be wheels in/wheels out. I didn’t put any in, so no dice on taking any out. Done.

Stage 2: Pain Mountain Time Trial. After pleading my case the day earlier, I was allowed to continue racing Sunday. Generally speaking, if you don’t complete a stage in a stage race your days are over. I explained the lack of wheels in and the fact that I am a poor bastard that spent too much money and time to get turned away for a flat when I could have/should have had a wheel in the wheel van…

Should have sat out. The wind was howling and we road a couple of miles into a headwind. I thought I road well – conserving some on the rolling part to have some kick on the uphill. Apparently, in hind sight, I conserved too much because I finished 21st. Almost 2 minutes off the leader. On this last part, I think they f’d up my timing. Anyone else notice this? My powertap has me finishing in 25:24. My polar watch/HR monitor in 25:30 (which is about right since I started the stopwatch with 5 seconds until my launch). They scored me in 25:55 or something. It seems they timed me for my 30″ man – who was a DNS.

Stage 3: Crit. Fast course. Early 2-man break got away. Several more joined a few laps later. And that was that. I tried to bridge but the pack was not about to let more people get across after being made to look the fool for letting an early break succeed – which it did. Sometimes you just miss out.

So, tough weekend with not much to show. I had planned to drive to my Sister’s in Connecticut after the race. Left Ephrata at 5:15. At 5:45 I heard a loud bang underneath the truck and then my engine started knocking really loud. My valves have always been “sticky”, so it was if they had gotten much worse. That or a plug was shot. Since the plugs were new, as were the cables and distributor cap, and I wasn’t hearing any backfire I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I guessed something with the exhaust. I guessed right. I decided to bag the trip and tuck tail and head for home. A 2 hour trip turned into about a 3 hour one. My local shop confirmed my muffler was shot. Something knocked the hell out of it, but no visible external damage. I replaced this thing 3 years ago. Today I priced a new one…about $100. I’ll also have to pay someone to torch the bolts off so I can replace it myself. At least another $20.

Insult to injury after a tough weekend.

~ by Indy on May 2, 2007.

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