Green Tires = Green Snot



 Pollen Count is high…I don’t think I need the weather man to tell me that. During the ride home my eyes  were burning and my lungs were getting gradually tighter. Then during the Goon ride later on, my throat started burning and my lungs were getting more agitated. I have asthma – since about 13 years old – so any allergies or colds, when they get bad, go for this weak spot. It turns out that it didn’t get as bad as it could have, which would have been a mild asthma attack. But the perpetual runny nose led to some nice snot build up on my upper lip by the time I got home. Spring…can’t wait for more bugs. I swallowed 2 or 3 on my ride Saturday and look forward to more of this.

Speaking of the Goon ride, it was a good time. Funny how some just sit in and hope to launch attacks later, as if this were a race in which winning was the goal. Winning what?  I’m not sure. I can see not pushing too hard if you fear getting dropped, but if you’re strong enough to hang then don’t sit in only to attack later. I mean, I guess if that’s your thing, ok. But it seems kind of weak to me. Jamie let some guy know he wasn’t pleased with the guys weak ass pull and request for someone to pull through. I guess this was one of these folks waiting to try their luck later on. To each there own – right?

~ by Indy on April 24, 2007.

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