Spin Heros

I’ve gone to spin class at the gym affiliated with my hotel here in SF the last two nights.  It is a good workout and more akin to a real bike than the standard stationary bikes.  But, the classes are always chalk full of kooks.  I act naive and don’t mention that I ride a bike nearly every day with folks that like to put the hurt on me.  I g0t proverbial questions of have I ever done a spin class or when was the last time, and suggestions of changing my position or the like.  Snobish  – maybe, but damn I don’t like being treated like a rookie by some spin class rockstar.  The other rockstars in my class – specifically tonight – had me laughing.  Shiny Specialized mtb shoes.  Never ridden outside.  Shaved legs.  $100 shorts.  And cadences that would make a track pro notice.  Were talking 150rpm.  I wouldn’t do it.  I mean the pace they were putting out was totally ridiculous.  I’ve noticed this before when I did spin classes after I broke my wrist.  It’s like a competition to see who can spin fastest.  I know it’s called “spin” class.  But the rpms they’re doing, in my opinion, are not good for you and nothing like the real thing – at least for more than 10-15 seconds.
I got a good workout and some laughs.


~ by Indy on April 20, 2007.

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