Sitting in a Tully’s coffee shop near UC Berkeley. I’m here in SF for the AAG and presently enjoying the company of a crazy lady talking to herself sitting next to me, inventorying her belongings and trying to determine the source of the smell she suspects is emanating from her plastic bag. Truth be told, I don’t smell anything, nor mind her company. Like me, everyone else is detached from each other with their heads down in their laptops.

So far SF has been better than my previous trip out here. Certainly weather and season play a big factor. Plus having a laptop with me, free wireless access in my hotel, and great proximity to the BART and conference hotel help. Also, attending workshops rather than sitting through talks and searching for ones to attend from a book listing all presentations which is 1000 pages long, is another factor. Thus, the reason for me going to Berkeley. I am attending an image processing workshop in the Natural Resources department from 1 – 5. I give a talk tomorrow morning at 8am then head home on a DIRECT (another plus) flight at 2 something. The final bonus.

That’s it.

~ by Indy on April 19, 2007.

One Response to “Berkeley”

  1. What an eclectic choice of workshops! Not only can you “Expand Your Spatial Analysis”, but you can “Write a Proposal” on “Vineyard Locations and Sensory Perceptions of Zinfandel Wines”. My perception of Zinfandel….Vile!

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