Hell of the South

After an 8.5 hour drive to NC on Friday (which should have been 6 hours) I was beat yesterday and my ride was subsequently crap. My legs full of poop. Today the weather was ridiculous. Ripping winds, heavy rain, tornado warnings. Then we got a break around 10:30am and the skies began to clear. The wind was still blowing hard, but had subsided some. Kim had gone for a run and reported it was really nice out. So, at 11:50 I headed out for a 3 hour ride. About an hour in, the rain was back and the wind was so strong I was leaning sideways. I turned into a headwind and was getting pelted by blinding rain. The powertap stopped transmitting data – likely due to being soaked – and I thought this was a good excuse to go home. It only got worse. The rain turned to hail at times and was so heavy – the wind so violent – that I thought a tornado was coming for a visit. I wasn’t near any trailer parks, so I figured I was safe and forged ahead, albeit, very slowly as I was getting thrown all over. So…good 1:30 training. I didn’t die.

My personal Paris-Roubaix.


~ by Indy on April 15, 2007.

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