Walkersville & Tyson’s

Just some basics – more to come.

W’ville was fast.  I did the 1/2/3 and my goal was to survive.  I was surprised how aggressive the race was – right from the start.  Our first 8 mile lap was completed in less than 20 minutes.  Which pretty much stayed the same for the entire race.  My powertap had us averaging 26mph (that’s almost 42kph for you euros) for the 72 mile race.  I’ll get power info posted soon.  I was also surprised how sketchy guys were.  I bumped several times with guys trying to respond to attacks.  I finished 21st.   Nothing to write home about, but fair enough.

Tyson’s I did the 3/4 race.  My legs were full of junk from the day prior, but came around to about 85% after a few laps.  The first few laps however I was questioning my ability to finish.  Josh (n-tieractive/Bike Doctor teammate) got in a break early, but the group was too big and disorganized.  In addition, guys from the pack were bridging across even though some teams were trying to control the race and let the break get a chance.  Eventually, the pack was single file and caught on to the lead group after a few laps.  I countered on the hill near the start/finish and got a small gap.  Some guys followed and I assumed the attack failed, but then on the next turn I looked over my shoulder and we had a small separation from the field.  The guys behind me were yelling we had a gap and to give a go – so I did.  I started drilling it, and then got help.  Props to the NCVC guy (name to come once I learn it), Nick Pakulla (LSV), and Nathan Coleman (JHU) for making the break work.  Nick came across soon after the break started and when he did we had added fire power that insured we’d stay away.  There were times when it looked questionable.  Some guys wouldn’t pull through and some just couldn’t.  But we did stay away and I got 7th.  I psyched myself out of the sprint – thinking I didn’t have much, but when I got going I passed several guys and think I should have given more earlier and went for it.  I had crappy position coming into the last turn, but could have done better.  Isn’t that what everyone says?

A good weekend of racing.  Judd (n-tieractive/BD) took 1st at W’ville in the 4s and Kyle won the 5s.  Nice work.  I see Mike May got 4th in the 4s – upgrades for all!?

~ by Indy on April 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Walkersville & Tyson’s”

  1. Upgrade? That’s crazy talk. You must have me confused with someone who has some natural talent.

  2. Hey E,
    Paul Lengermann is the NCVC racer that was in the break with you. He is a good rider.

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