W’ville: 72.75 miles, 2:47:45 (includes roll-out), 26.0mph average, 246W avg., 309W normalized, 1090W max. All sounds about right. Lots of accelerations and fast paced race. The average power is z2 endurance for me and the max power came when initiating an attack on the steep pitch on the backside of the course. Ben Landers was yelling “go Evan, go Evan Ellicott”. Like a dumb ass, I listened. And went. The “Ellicott” was necessary I guess since Evan Fader was there too.

Tyson’s: 25.53 miles, 0:59:21, 25.9mph average, 309W avg., 356W normalized, 1075W max. Again, sounds about right. Interesting that yesterday’s race was faster and nearly 3x longer. Racing with Cat. 1s and 2s will do that I guess. Max power here came when I attacked as the first breakaway came back. Funny how your recollection of events gets distorted after races. I thought I followed an attack. My first rendition was that several guys went. Second time I was following just one guy. Turns out I was the one initiating the break. Feels good – especially after a tough race the day prior. Granted, I ended up 7th so the glory of starting the winning break doesn’t mean much in the end, but gives me confidence to keep trying. As you can tell from my max power – I am no sprinter – so these breakaways are my saving grace. Hopefully.


~ by Indy on April 2, 2007.

One Response to “Factoids”

  1. I doubt that I was trying to sabotage you…was probably just trying to get you to follow some move so that I could follow it also! Don’t you feel like you owed me anyway for all the cheering I gave you this winter on the 7am? Going up Brickyard…”come on Evan, go evan!”. 🙂

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