Ok – some training info. As if anyone really cares.

Saturday I did a Critical Power test in the fog and light rain. The plan was, after a thorough warm up including some short 1 minute hard efforts, to do a 20 minute threshold interval. Keeping the pace steady, not blowing up and going too hard too early, while still leaving it all out there. The route I chose worked perfect – I started on Canal Rd and road NW. When I hit the light at Chain Bridge (Rte 123 from Virginia across the Potomac) I began the effort. Canal becomes the Clare Barton Pkwy at that point and the pavement is near perfect most the way, with no lights. My legs felt tight, sore, and heavy, but manageable. The end result was an average power of 355W. I started to cool down and then my power tap crapped out. Seems the wet weather decided to end my testing early. So I didn’t do the 2nd, 5 minute interval. I used some recent 5 minute power data and plugged into the Critical Power spreadsheet which put me where JB and I expected. A Functional Threshold power of 345W. Meaning: in a 1-hour time trial I should be able to maintain that power.

Sunday – 10am ride. Surprisingly, I felt strong. Well, maybe not too surprising as I didn’t complete the test the day prior. But a 20′ TT effort and 3 hours of riding had sapped me so it was good to feel recovered. I started attacking in the usual spot, but with the Jefferson Cup race going on down in Charlottesville, the usual suspects weren’t on the ride. We had a smaller group of those that weren’t racing. I shelled all but 2 guys that stuck on my wheel and from Seneca Rd we worked together. One faded and eventually dropped off, and so there was just two of us. I would have preferred more guys to push the effort and pace-line, but was happy I felt so good.

Yesterday – I did two RWI (dorky picture, but good explanation of RWI) in RCP and then joined up with the Goon Ride. JB had prescribed no more than 100 TSS for the day. I am doubling down on racing this weekend (1/2/3 at Walkersville and 3/4 at Tysons), so fresh legs will be a necessity. The Goon ride was flying – as usual – and I did my pulls. But when we hit Ross Dr and the attacks start coming on the hills I did the unexpected (for me), I practiced restraint. I pulled off and soft pedaled and let the group ride away. Maybe I am growing up Papa Smurf. My usual instinct, like most men and dogs, is to give chase and throw caution, measure, and restraint into the gutter. I smiled the whole way up the climb, riding in my 39×23, and doing 12mph.


~ by Indy on March 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Restraint”

  1. A FT of 345 is right on target for a Cat 3. If you weigh about 200 lbs, that is. My guess is that you’re just passing through the 3s as well.

  2. DUHHHHHH – WHAT????

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