Glass People

Riding into work yesterday I was faced with bike paths full of broken glass.  There must be a correlation between spring temperatures and the square foot density of beer bottle shards.  My route takes me past many soccer fields – and so I know who the glass people are.  20-40 year old men, mullets, and soccer enthusiasts.  In any case, hard as I tried, I was eventually taken out.  Heineken was my culprit.  A large piece gouged into my rear tire, but amazingly didn’t penetrated the tire, nor pop the tube.  It simply dissected a piece of rubber and after some inspection I continued my commute – albeit, very slowly as I anticipated the eventual casing would blowout.  Never happened and I managed to ride home in the evening without incident.  Got to love morons that amuse themselves with smashing bottles, especially in areas where kids play in the afternoon.  Retards.


~ by Indy on March 27, 2007.

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