Did a sprint workout in RC park this evening. Always a wonderful challenge to deal with the car commuters doing 50mph in a park with a designated 25mph and potholes like a mine field. The weather was nice enough and there were no agro drivers, so nothing to complain about. Jamie P. from Rockville Harley – or now Battley Harley cycling team – and the UMD team sent out an email on the D20 listserve that the perennial Goon Ride was starting tonight. I decided to do my workout and if I caught up with them, great. As it turns out I was cooling down from my last sprint when the Goon group came through a stop sign near the northern end of the park. Someone yelled my name and the chase was on. I pulled a u-turn (traffic was at a stand still for the stop sign, so timing was good) and I jumped on. I went to the front, said hello to Cliff Chamberlin, and the group flew down towards Ross Dr. From my only other experience doing this ride I knew the attacks really start flying going up this hill. I missed the turn when I did this ride last year – or rather I was at the front and didn’t realize they take a short cut across the bike path to get to the base of the hill – I opted for the road and two right turns and they were gone by the time I got to the hill. No mistakes like that today – I knew (sort of) what to expect. Since the turn off the road onto the bike path is narrow and involves a small, angled curbed, we slowed to go single file. Some knuckle-head behind lets out a “ooohhh, come on”…as if he is missing the winning break in Paris-Roubaix. I looked over and asked if he was kidding – “its a training ride”. Turns out that joker got dropped like a bag of dirt anyway. Young Nick Bax took to attacking and Jaime and I followed. That was all she wrote. I didn’t see anyone else and these two kept drilling it. I fought back on through the hills and then we started pace-lining back on Beach Drive, heading north. I guess the ride goes to Mormon Hill, but I decided enough was enough for me and said goodbye, broke off on Sherrill Dr, and headed home. Nice evening of riding and suffering.


~ by Indy on March 20, 2007.

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  1. cool

    you are cool

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