UMD Crit

6th place in the cat 3/4 race. Raced aggressively – to my own demise. I was covering attacks early as I had a teammate away in a break. Then when he got caught I started attacking. The race is notorious for attrition and we finished with half or less of the field we started with. A crash occurred in the first corner after about 200 meters of racing. It was just on my left side and I thought it was going to spill into me and take me out, but luckily I just escaped. Many of the guys caught in the crash got a free lap and joined back in – including one guy that apparently lost a tooth in the spill. Could have been worse…this happened in the the Collegiate ‘A’ race earlier in the day. Word is the guy “broke his face”. Damn!

So, once again – I race a bit too much with my legs and not my brain. Gorilla style. Nick from the UMD/LSV team launched a well timed attack with 5 laps to go and that was the winning move. I knew it when it went, but I was sitting on the front (like most of the day) and going into a headwind. If I chased, everyone could just sit on my wheel. So I waited for more guys to follow his move. One guy responded, but that was it. So I hesitated, was in bad position, and missed my chance. Another lesson learned I guess. Stay off the front – especially when you’ve lost your teammates to attrition. In the end I knew I couldn’t win the sprint against some of the guys left, so I did the next best thing and attacked on the final climb. I just suffered to the top and stayed at the front until the final corner leading into the 200m straight sprint. 3 guys came around me and that was it. Nick won, the guy who responded took 2nd…Me – 6th. Not too upset. I road really hard, launched or followed lots of attacks and survived to get 1 upgrade point.


~ by Indy on March 19, 2007.

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