Swinging Lumber

I took that title from Josef…good line. Heavy load of riding last weekend. Did one of the local hammerfests (Saturday 10am ride) and barely hung on to the lead group as the assaults were thrown. Everyone knows when, and mostly likely by whom, they will come, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Hung strong and put my time in on the rotations at the front once the group was dwindled to about a dozen.

Sunday I did the Tradezone ‘B’ race. I wasn’t expecting much given the prior day’s flogging, but I had recovered well and the legs felt decent. Our plan (my new team n-tieractive/Bike Doctor) was to launch attacks and make something stick. I started going before the end of the first lap, I think, and Josh and Frank did the same. Much like lathering on the shampoo. Attack, rinse, repeat. I allowed myself about a half to full lap to recover before going again. When I wasn’t attacking, Josh usually was. The big thing I noticed between some breaks that got away for a little bit and those that dangled like a carrot 20 meters off the front was the manner in which people launched. Many tried to put in these short bursts from the front of the pack when you really need some element of surprise and to bury yourself in the pain cave for a 30 seconds just hammering. That initial burst should be like a sprint – just railing the pedals. It worked for us in the end. Josh and Frank were in a break up the road, Joe and I were in the pack being disruptive (slowing into the corners, sitting at the front, etc.) But a small group was trying to bridge and Josh and Frank’s group was becoming unorganized. It was going to come back together. When it did I countered, with 2 others, out of the pack. More joined us. Some faded, some stuck in. We had about 8 or so – 5 working well together. It stayed until the end. There were two guys in the break from the same team (Route One Velo) so it was no surprise one would try their luck nearing the end and the other would wait, rest, and respond if his teammate didn’t get away. When it did happen, before the last corner, I jumped on the attack behind another rider who responded as well. We now had 3 groups of about 3 coming into the last corner. But the Route One guy who attacked began to fade, so I counter-attacked coming out of the last corner. I should have waited a little longer or dug a little deeper. There was a wicked cross wind and a downhill that allowed the others to catch on and come around. We were mostly all back together for the last 200m sprint. But we were flying and I was fading from my self inflicted abuse. I got 4th – pipped at the line as I threw my bike with another guy for the line (good example). I actually think I got third, but the refs were to my right, the same side as the guy throwing his bike to beat me. So, I take it they saw his number and not mine and called it a day. After all, it’s a training race. Works for me. Getting in the right break at the right time was more important to me. We worked well together for about 3 or 4 laps and made it stick. Smart racing. Especially by the guy who won. He fained that he was hurting and didn’t help the break – probably once he/we realized it would stick. He was the first to jump on the Route One guy’s attack and the first to come around me after I counter-attacked in the last corner. He was also first across the line. It’s a betting move to sit in like that, but he knew more than I. He knew we had the winning break and saved himself for the end. Smarts. I don’t have em’ yet.

In power news, I had two days of riding totaling about 480 TSS in 6.5 hours. My normalized power for Sunday’s 1 hour race was 345W – which might indicate that my current functional threshold estimate of 335W is too low. Assuming the difference (340W) and my current weight (74.8kg = 165lb – I know I am skinny. I’m going to Arby’s and Cold Stone ASAP) and my power-to-weight ratio is 4.5W/kg. That’s good. I think.


~ by Indy on March 13, 2007.

One Response to “Swinging Lumber”

  1. Your Grandmother (Sarah) literally did swing lumber during WWII when “man” power was in short supply. She was a feisty little lady. You, however, are going to wither away with all the riding. When did you find time over the weekend to cozy up with your wife? Since she just arrived home after 2 weeks away, she was very gracious to not mind (or maybe she did) your Sat/Sun absence and exhaustion!!

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