ta da

This may get me out of my husbandly duties of shoulder rubs. According to recent research, massage therapy shows increasing effectiveness in aiding more than just sore muscles…boosting immune systems, helping sleep, preventing PMS (a benefit to both men and women). Here’s the best part “Our advice: Enjoy your hands-on time with your sweetie, but set aside some time for a real massage, too.” My hands are clean Kim.

Another cold morning commute. What the frick happened to the promise of spring? I knew I was kicking my teeth in when I said to someone last weekend “Looks like spring is about here”. Idiot. It was 15 degrees and my face was frozen. Oh, so were the roads, paths, and bridges. Actually, even though it looked “d-icy”, it wasn’t bad. And the bridges, which have been my nemesis since this happened (and subsequently this), were snowed over and lots of fun to ride. No ice there – yet.

Oh, funny thing about the June post when I crashed is that I mention my truck not starting in “this weather” – anything damp, rainy, slushy, etc – which is funny because I just fixed that problem about 2 weeks ago.  Laaaaay-Z.  pre-June until February = over 8 months.  I found it a great excuse to ride my bike, but damn that’s awful.  It cost me $35 (for new cables and distributor cap) and took me about 45 minutes to install.

In other truck repairs I came out to a flat tire last Friday.  Again, decided to put off fixing it until Monday.  Again, an easy fix.  It was a small nail that caused the leak so I bought some fix-a-flat stuff.  Put it in the tire, drove to the gas station near my office (w/the spare which looks about as weathered as a 50 year old Phoenician marathoner) and bam – problem solved.  Look at me – Click and Clack watch out.


~ by Indy on March 8, 2007.

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