4th in the cat 4 GC. I am pretty happy with that. The field was really fast and guys (mostly from Cali and AZ) were on good form. I finished 9th in the TT on Friday. The guy who won would have taken 3rd in the 2s and easily won the 3s (by almost a minute). I would have taken 13th in the cat 3 TT. Not bad.

I got in the decisive break in the road race on Saturday. A group of 11 of us took off up the finishing climb with 1- 16mile lap to go. We worked well together – and suprisingly (at least for a cat 4 race) it stuck until the end. I got gapped on the climb as I began to crack like a china doll on the final trip up the hill. On paper it didn’t look like much, but it was a long slog up and it got a bit steeper near the top. I rolled across the line 7th, about 40 seconds behind 1st and 2nd. The pack came in about another 40 seconds behind me.

In the crit, I survived, which was my first goal – and to protect my GC. The course was a fast, fun figure 8, but it also had some of those lane reflectors to navigate and plenty of the “tar snakes”. I started to feel better toward the end of the crit, but put myself in a poor position going into the last 2 right turns before the finish straight. I moved up the right side (really the wrong side) and was pinched by the pack as they came screaming through the 1st of the 2 turns. I had to chase back up and made up about 10 spots in the final straight – but that only got me 14th.

In the end, not as great as I had hoped – I was gunning for a top 3 in any of the stages – most likely the road race. I came close and got 4th overall, so I am pretty consistent I guess. I am happy enough and look forward to some good race results come spring and summer.

Notice the skinny pale guy on the right…the only non-Californian on the podium.



~ by Indy on February 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “VOS”

  1. Nice job! Good way to start the season.


    (PS: The black socks and the beard really complete the ‘biking lumberjack’ outfit you got going there. Style man would approve.)

  2. […] races.  Raced from February (VOS) until today (MAC) with 3 months “off” – 2 forced.  That’s an average of just […]

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