OH NO – Snow.

Media is having a field day. I have had the tv on to check road conditions for about an hour and apparently nothing else is happening in the world right now except for snow and sleet falling on the east coast. How many times can they show me what 1-2″ of snow/sleet looks like on the sidewalk?  Or how slow the traffic is?  Or another jack-ass driver overturning their truck (likely because they were driving too fast)?  Field day.

Well, age has apparently gotten the better of me. I aired on the side of caution and called Continental last night to change my flight today to an afternoon departure. When I woke at 1am to the sound of falling ice pellets I figured getting out to the airport at 4am was not a smart and low-stress plan. Back in the day I woudn’t have thought twice and just charged to the airport. I remember going to New Hampshire from Albany, New York, while in college to attend a graduate school open-house in blizzard conditions. Feet of snow, blowing snow, etc. I had a front wheel drive Mitsubishi hatch-back. I could probably lift one side off the ground by myself. Didn’t stop me though. That car handled the conditions like a champ – a handful of monkey brains driving that machine certainly helped with the perception.

Just heard they’ve closed Dulles and National airport. Hopefully BWI will stay open.


~ by Indy on February 14, 2007.

One Response to “OH NO – Snow.”

  1. What’s up Evan?

    I hear you on the absolute ridiculousness of the hype. I’m still revelling in my play time on the way to work. I extended the ride 5 or 6 miles for the fun of it because there weren’t too many cars in the city and I was blasting around rocking the plow and slide on my fixie.

    It’s awesome that you’re rocking a stage race already, and a big one at that. Kick some ass for our DC metro bangers crew. I’ve been putting in some work, had a good trainer session last night on my new trainer with my new Powertap wheel installed (though they sent me the wrong receiver so I’m not getting data yet).

    I look forward to riding with you and hopefully racing up there with you fast funkers later in the season. For now, I’ll be at Tradezone on Sunday provided it’s on.

    Enjoy your trip and stay in touch!

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