Valley of the Sun

Heading off to see Mom tomorrow. Warm temps, sunny skies, and my Mom. Great reasons to go to Arizona.

Of course, it may not go off without a hitch. Seems our other Mother (nature) has decided to play games with my travel plans. Its been snowing. sleeting, and raining (the freezing kind) most of the day. No real accumulation, but worse – ice. Snow would be fine with me. Throw the truck in 4 wheel drive and good to go. Ice – 2, 3, 4, 10 wheel drive – ain’t gonna help. Chains or studded tires are you’re only hope. Let’s hope it lets up.


I am bringing my bike. What a pain in the arse to pack. Luckily my buddy Matt lent me his Serfas Travel box, but my bike is so big it barely fits. It required that I do a lot of disassembling of my bike. Total weight between the box, bike, parts, pump, and TT bars is about 55lbs. Not bad. Still gonna cost me a sweet nickle with Continental. Bastards. Anyway, I am racing in the Valley of the Sun stage race on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (hence the TT bars for the individual time trial on Friday). Should be a blast. Barring any mechanicals or mishaps I should do well. As “they” say, I am going pretty good right now.


~ by Indy on February 13, 2007.

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