Oh, my back

Taking a quick break while the paint dries. Literally. I’ve been painting some samples on our living/dining room walls. The division of labor of these rooms is seamless. That’s because I live in a 900-something sq ft place – the “dining” room is a look over the shoulder from the “entertainment” room. Which, by the way, also serves as the living room.

Brief digression: what the hell is a living room? Dining ok. Den, sure – especially if watching sports, movies, etc – sort of that hunkering down feel, ala den animal. Frog room (North Carolina thing as far as I can tell)…well, its the south. But couldn’t my kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom be the living room as well? Kind of like the “driving on the parkway and parking in the driveway” argument.

OK, I’m back. Anyway, I will put pix of the work in progress. I am painting four – count ’em,  4 different samples…about 80 sq ft of paint each. Oh, and I have only one paint tray so it requires cleaning everything between putting the next sample up. If it weren’t for the Commish, I would pick something and go with it. But the boss has the last word and she wants to see samples.


~ by Indy on January 26, 2007.

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