Snowy Seattle

Flew into Seattle Friday afternoon over clear, cold skies and beautiful views. The Cascades were covered in snow and I had a great view of Mt Rainier and Mt Hood south of Seattle. Temps on the ground were in the low 30s. It hasn’t gotten any warmer. It hasn’t mattered either. The rare cold temperatures and snow fall have made the scene a winter wonderland. I expected to come into Seattle’s worse weather. Rain, overcast, and generally dreary. But this is pretty damn nice. Especially since the east coast has been in a heat wave all winter and I haven’t seen snow in a long time.

Friday night Kim and I went to the Space Needle and had dinner – with a view. No joke. We had a beautiful view of sunset over Puget Sound, downtown Seattle, and Mt Rainer in the distance to the south.

We went to visit Autumn and Jaisve yesterday in Snoqualmie, southeast of Seattle. Colder, higher elevation, and more snow. Great conditions. The town is a sleepy little mountain town surrounded by imposing peaks. We headed west into the Mt Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest and did some snowshoeing. With Autumn’s 13+ year old dog, Bear, leading the charge we enjoyed a nice hike in lightly falling snow. It reminded me of Flagstaff and the days we used to take Bear and the other dogs for hikes in the forests surrounding our pad. Later, we headed back into town and visited the small local brewery, had some gumbo, sampled some beer, and then took some home with us. Later that night Autumn and I took the H2 out and did some blasting with his .45 at the local range. He’s still the same fun-loving clown…good times.

Today we hit the Pikes Place Market, enjoyed some chowder per Gordon and Sarah’s (a Seattle native) recommendation at Ivar’s.

More later, including some pix…


~ by Indy on January 14, 2007.

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