End of 2006

conor_skyler_beach.jpgWe had a great visit to see family in North Carolina. My Mom, Sister, Brother-in-Law, and their kids stayed down in Carolina Beach at a nice beach house. Kim and I stayed at Gordon and Sarah’s back in Wilmington. The weather mostly sucked, but the food and good drinks made up for it. My niece (Skyler) has peaked in her terror phase. She just turned 3 and is testing her boundaries. With a vengence. Her brother, my nephew Conor, on the other hand is finally pulling out of his dive bomb into the depths of demonhood and has become a lot of fun to be around. Finally, McKenna is a the perfect phase. She is cute, happy, and easy to be around. She likes being held by anybody willing to love her and only fuses when she is hungry or is taking a poop.

Tonight we are heading down to our friends place in Adams Morgan to eat Sushi, and drink a bunch. Should be fun for sure.

The weather has been really cooperative and I got out for a 3 hour ride with JoFo and Judd. I hope to get out for some more miles today.

That’s it. No introspection. No reminising. Tomorrow will be another day – only will end with a 7 and it will likely be raining.

Happy New Year.


~ by Indy on December 31, 2006.

One Response to “End of 2006”

  1. Yo brother – e-mail those AWESOME pix of my little “terror” and her big brother, “Da-Do”

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