CX Nationals

10th. Woohoo. I was tired before and after, but had enough to ride well despite derailing myself with a telephone pole collision in lap 2 or 3. The race course was the best I’ve been on. Rolling, fast (sort of, it was kind of slippey for our 9:30 race, but dried out by the afternoon), and great for spectating. The pros were hauling, the beer flowing, and bbq sandwiches went down easy. Good times for all. Well, Judd flatted before even really getting started and Josef took a digger on one of the pavement to grass/dirt transitions. But afterwards I assure you it was good times.

I got pictured on The start was a bit of mayham – 170 racers charged up a long stretch of pavement, then swung right onto the swooping grass/mud course through some turns. The section in the pic is really off camber and is where the course double backs on itself, paralleling the start/finish area.


The clowns: Kyle, Matt, Judd, me


~ by Indy on December 20, 2006.

One Response to “CX Nationals”

  1. Very cool! What a way to end the year!

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