Damn. I thought I miss heard NPR this morning when they said 43 degrees. I was streaming it on my computer so I checked to be sure. Yeah, must of not heard that right… had it at 33. Then I heard it again. At this point I am putting on my biking costume and wondering if I am going to freeze or overheat, so I check 43 degrees. Ok, is no different than the rest of those weather predicting hacks on the boob-tube. I head out and it is truly nice. Down right warm (given the right clothing). I head off to UMD and enjoy a nice tempo ride in the sun.

This afternoon I showing my research poster at the department seminar that I will bring with me to the AGU next week to present. Most had no interest. Just I can’t blame em’. Thermal radiative transfer and atmospheric correction is not that sexy. My other research though is on fire, and being a backyard burning pyro, I get it.

When I left this evening – another ball game. One thing that I definitely didn’t miss on NPR was that it was going to get cold tonight. Cold and windy. No joke! 18 degrees they said. Well its about 20 right now with the wind-chill. My commute home was fast. I had a driving head wind and it was down right freezing – flurries falling too – but I was charging home just so I didn’t turn into an bicycle (get it – like icicle). Kill myself sometimes.


~ by Indy on December 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “Blustery”

  1. d@mn,
    another geographer mtn biker?
    I’m less of a basket case, having stopped a level below your goal.
    don’t know how you can keep all that together,
    nice blog too
    when the cross racin’ is done, and you want a winter epic, come on up and play.

  2. Be sure you hit that Hawaii Earthquake Late Breaking Session.

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