cross pix and news

While riding yesterday morning on the Capital Crescent trail I encountered many retards. Cyclists can be just as stupid, oblivious, and discourteous as drivers. One in particular got my blood pressure fired up. I was heading north. A slight uphill towards Bethesda. Many cyclists are coming the opposite direction in the morning on their way to work in DC. In fact I saw my friend and fellow City Bike teammate, Matt, doing just that; riding to work. Back to the story. So this jerk off is passing someone as they are heading south. He is on my side of the path – coming at me. Not a big deal as I see lots of these commuter superstars racing downhill and passing other cyclists, runners, or pedestrians. I just need to always have my head up. But this jack-ass makes no attempt to get back over into his lane after passing the other cyclist. He’s just coming right at me. I sit up – hoping he’ll recognize the familiar sight of another cyclist, and one that is about to impact him. Nothing. I make a questioning gesture and start to yell “what the F*ing hell are you doing”, to which he gestures for me to get out of the way. Not with some sense of urgency as if to imply he is in a emergency situation. No, this was a subtle hand way for me to get over. Mind you, I was already riding on the pavement/grass line to avoid crashing with this shithead. We pass each other quickly as the gestures are exchanged. I slowed and looked back. He kept on riding in the “wrong” lane. Assholes – cyclists have em too.

Here are some pix taken by Kevin Dillard.

Some good examples of muddy cross conditions

mabra_cx_champs_1.jpg mabra_cx_champs_water.jpg

I lost to the oldest guy (Randal Root is over 50)


and the youngest (Nick Bax is 16)

mabra_cx_champs_mech.jpg mabra_cx_champs_nick.jpg

No shame though – these two kick ass. Check out their results at

Here are some more pix…

mabra_cx_champs_twostep.jpg 1st (right – Gunnar) and 2nd (Kris)



~ by Indy on December 1, 2006.

One Response to “cross pix and news”

  1. people are idiots or assholes….

    the bicycle path is an idiot mecca
    then again so is the street

    anytime you get a group of people together there will be a high percentage of assholes

    I just do not get the logic of some of the cyclists on that trail

    there have been so many days were I have had near collisions with people by their wrong doing

    sure… I can go fast
    sometimes when chatting I will go two abreast
    but… I make eye contact and try to be considerate and always try to let the other rider know that I see them
    if I am making a head on pass
    the eye contact and the hand gesture as to let them know that I see them and I appreciate their letting me through

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