The pressure is on.  Kim and I are visiting her family on Staten Island for Turkey Day.  Actually, we came up last Friday to mourn the loss of her Grandfather.  It was a rough few days over the weekend, but I was happy I could be there to lend whatever support was sought.

The persistent question however has been – “so when are you guys having babies?”.  Not just a few times or by a few individuals, but constantly and by everyone.  No matter.  In typical Kim fashion she simply needs to tell of her baby game plan and everyone understands.  Highly pragmatic and methodical, no one questions Kim’s response if she says she’s got a plan.  Me…well I’m just waiting to be called off the bench when the coach says its time.

Here are some adorable pictures of someone else’s baby.  More shots of McKenna (my niece) and her cuddle buddies.

untitled.JPG untitled2.JPG untitled1.JPG


~ by Indy on November 22, 2006.

One Response to “babies”

  1. just as long as you are getting some shots on goal
    you are fine

    you kids are young

    enjoy it

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