summer time cross

75+ degrees on Saturday…November 11th! I’m not complaining, but this kind of weather makes you soft just when you are starting to adjust to cold dark mornings and evenings.

Judd, Matt, and I made the 2 hour drive to PA to do 45 minutes of racing. Crazy, I know. But so is paying to throw up your breakfast, swallow it back down, then drool all over yourself. Racing – its stupid, and so are the whack-jobs that do it.

Course was great – well for Matt and I. Judd had mechanical problems and the course didn’t suit his strengths. Those two things meant a tough day in the saddle for him. He still clawed out an 11th place finish – so he can only complain so much. For Matt and I it was a good course. Technical, with off-camber, slippery turns, muddy sections, and tight twisty sand/mulch pits. Mountain bike skills translated well. Matt started in the first third of the C race and ended up 2nd. I lost track of how he and Judd were doing because they mixed in with the Masters (35+) that started before them. Nonetheless, I could tell they were both moving up, so that was a good sign. Here’s some pix going through the barriers…

judd_barrier1.JPG matt_barrier.JPG

This is what cross looks like – pain and odd face contortions…


In my race I lined up near the back – again. I forgot to pre-register, so even though I was 13th in the rankings after only doing 1 race (24 points for 4th place at Granogue), it was going to waste. Then Mike Hebe, racer, promoter, organizer and my savior, asked if anyone had points and didn’t have call up because they didn’t pre-register. Woohoo…well that got me at least to the 3rd row. Off we go and I moved up fast. I felt surprisingly good since my legs and back were tired and sore much of the week. I seemed to be able to power through sections well and get out of the saddle and charge when needed. I moved up to 3rd within in a few laps and then settled in. 1st and 2nd place guys (Lindstrom and “Spanky”) were battling it out. Adam (aka Spanky) fell off the pace and I managed to reel him in, but not without a fight. He wasn’t going down easy. In the end I finished 2nd, only 9 seconds behind first. Another good result. Damn, I should race cross more…after a season of mishaps, bonks, and bad results – things are going my way. Oops…I just did myself in. Crap!


~ by Indy on November 13, 2006.

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  1. Check my blog for your finish line celebration shot.

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