Great weather over the weekend!  Friday night I had some great homemade lasagna at Judd and Sonja’s, then headed to DCA airport to surprise Kim on her trip home from Seattle.  Whirl-wind trip for her that had started with a trip to Chicago for the marathon
No pix from the Chicago marathon last week, but Kim survived alright.  Apparently it was brutally cold and all she was wearing was her typical marathon get-up…tank top and shorts.  Luckily her sister, who lived in Chi-town for several years, had flow in from LA to cheer Kim on.  She had the wherewithall to pick up a wool hat, sweatshirt, and gloves for Kim and found her midrace to hand them off.  Interestingly, you can see Kim’s time improve on line as the race progressed.

Saturday I helped Matt with some home repairs.  He and his wife, Kattie, have been renovating a nice DC row house and the kitchen is almost done.  They tore this sucker down to the studs and built it back up – it is an overwhelming job from what I can tell, but the fruits of their labor are starting to become apparent.  I helped tile and learned the ways of the wet saw.  Later, Matt and I met Judd in Rock Creek park for some cross specific workouts.

Sunday Kim and I went downtown early to watch the fast folks run the Marine Corp marathon.  The weather was stunning. A great day to be outside, but happily we weren’t running.  Running sucks…at least for me.   Here’s some pix…

kim_mcm2.jpg 3rd_5th_mcm.jpg   3rd_5th_mcm2.jpg  mcm.jpg

Interestingly, or maybe not if you’ve read my woes of blowing chunks, the 3 guys in the lead were passed by these three guys in the pix above.  The guy to the far left approaching me, Ruben Garcia, went on to win for the 2nd year in a row.  Steady as she goes…lessons learned.

More later.

~ by Indy on October 31, 2006.

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