Granogue Cyclocross

I’ve put a video clip from yesterday’s race on

Click the pic below. The quality isn’t great, but hell, it was spliced together with short clips take with my Canon Elf camera.


The elite men were flying. It was stupid seeing them ride stuff that we struggled to run – like the steep run up in this video. They were generally hauling ass across the entire course. The lead 4 guys, seen coming through the barriers together the first time, would quickly separate from the rest of the field and battle it out for the entire 60 minutes. Ryan Trebon dropped his chain, but caught back on and attacked immediately. He got a gap and just took off for the win with several laps to go. You can see in the later portions of the video Trebon comes through the barriers solo with Tim Johnson, Barry Wicks, and finally Jeremy Powers chasing. The hill section was crazy – the barriers were adjacent to the hill so you could watch two sections of the course at this one point. People were going nuts cheering on racers, especially if they road the hill – no matter what place they were in. Giving out free beer from Victory Brewing certainly doesn’t hurt in getting the crowd lathered into a frenzy. Fun times indeed.


In my race – the Bs – I took 4th. Not bad considering 84 riders started. They lined us up based on our points from last year in the MAC series (since I didn’t race last year I didn’t have any) and based on when we pre-registered. Stupid me. I waited until the last minute to register online even though I knew I was going to do this race for weeks. So, #560 – I am 60th in the starting grid, about 6 or 7 rows deep. Most of the guys I’ve been battling the last 2 races in the MABRA series are in the first or second row. I accept that moving up is going to be tough early and that a top 10 finish would be great. When the gun goes off (a real starting gun – scared the hell out of me all day) I was able to move up quickly. I followed a fellow MABRA series racer, Rob Cambell, up the right side of the paved lead out section and we made up huge ground. By the time we hit the grass I think I was in the top 20s or 30s. Well the rest of the race is a blur of snot, drool, gasping for air, and watering eyes. Nothing major happened, although a minor catastrophe almost occurred. A racer came by me on the inside line and took out some of the yellow course tape – well it snapped off and flew into my front wheel. I managed to pull most of it out from the brakes and wheel, but some was left wrapped around the hub until after the race. The worst part was that this happened just as we started a fast, bumpy, and off-camber descent. I was just waiting for the front wheel to lock up and the bike to catapult me.

Here’s some pix…more can be found on shutterfly



~ by Indy on October 22, 2006.

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