An Army of Pain


I’ve got my best duck waddle going on. Ran the Army10 Miler on Sunday and my legs are pissed! I afforded them 3 days of training in the past 3 weeks. About 1.5 hour total and 2 of these days in new sneakers. In fact, this is the only running I’ve done since the now infamous Dublin 26.2. My dogs were barking about mid-way through the race. Well apparently 3 days and new kicks didn’t suit my feet or legs at all. Like I said, they’re angry. The cyclocross race the day before didn’t help.

So my kankles, knees, hip-flexors, IT band, and some blisters on the feet are revolting to the abuse I have laid down on them. I ran the Dublin Marathon with Kim last fall and put in about 6 weeks of training after the Shenandoah Mountain 100. For reference, most folks put in about 4-6 months. I knew my endurance from cycling would be ok, but my legs needed to be re-trained for running. Well I survived that, but couldn’t walk, sit, or stand for 3 days. I literally had to walk down stairs backwards – a joke that is printed on many running shirts – because my quads had taken a post-run vacation. Well, this isn’t as bad, but 10 miles is almost half a marathon and since 3 days is WAY less than half of 6 weeks I think it is safe to say that the pain is at least 50% of what I experienced after the Dublin run.

Enough whining. Legs are getting better. No more of the sudden jerk in my quads when they forget how to work. I have another cyclocross race this weekend and hope my legs recover in time.

No pix of Kim…not a very exciting one of me either…



~ by Indy on October 11, 2006.

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  1. And I thought that your Dad and I gave you lots of love and affection!!

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