Great show last night at the Verizon center! The acoustics of the stadium were a little off though. The instrumental sounded awesome, but was drowning out Maynard’s voice.  Nonetheless…it was a blast.  Gordon (my brother) got the hook up from his friend Ed in San Diego.  Ed works for Verizon, I think doing promotional stuff, so he got us two free tickets within a stones throw of the stage.

Gordon and I had made mention of not drinking too much – the old “I don’t drink much anymore”, “I ‘m too old”, “blah, blah, blah”.  Sounded like the right move.  However, libations got the better of us.  I cracked open a liter of Belgium Abbey brown ale(9%) before we headed out to go with the 2 beers we had with the crab cake lunch.  Well, it got silly.  We were running out to get a few more beers during the opening act after putting down about 4 each at RFD before.  Oh, and I made the wise decision to throw down the gauntlet and ask if we should have an Irish car-bomb before we left RFD.  Like asking a kid if he’d like a cookie.  It’s a sure thing.

So – Sunday morning…a little deaf, a little hung over, and a little heart burn.  Gordon wanted to get some more beer when we got home.  Thankfully nothing was open and 7-11 doesn’t sell any.  But, we did get some big bite hotdogs, beef patty, and burritos.  Another great idea by a bunch of 30 something dummies.  Oh, good times with my brother.  I wouldn’t expect anything less.  When we get together and have the hall pass from the wives it’s like were 18 and 22 again – stupid.

Here’s Gordon after….



~ by Indy on October 2, 2006.

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