Olecranon Bursitis

So my elbow started hurting last week. It was really stiff and sore to touch. Then it started to swell and I would get burning sensations. Then if I barely grazed it, touch it, or unfortunately bumped it into something I would get a lightning bolt from the elbow gods.

Finally, with the oft needed persuation from Kim, I went to get x-rays. I crashed on this elbow back in June…I think I posted something about it. At the time I had a deep puncture wound that I was worried about. Although it healed looking pretty ugly, there was never an infection.  So that wasn’t it…

Well – the short of it is I have a bone spur on the tip of my elbow and bursitis. I don’t know what set it off, but it was killing me for a few days. Now, it’s just stiff and sore. I am taking advil and an antibiotic just in case there is an infection. Great. Getting older is awesome!


~ by Indy on September 29, 2006.

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