Mom…look away…. Fuck! Goddamn it! Shit!

Ok…all clear.

I am so fed up with my bike racing. I am ready to retire. Today I awoke early (5:45am) to get to the MP Murad (also the local racing district champs) race for the 8am start. The rolling, 8 mile loop course (40 miles total) suited my style of riding. Hilly with few places to recover. Well, 3.5 miles into it my rear tire felt like it was chattering…like when you fall asleep at the wheel and hit the “oh, shit” grooves on the highway. Then my front wheel felt much worse. In the end, it was only my front wheel that went flat, but it took a sketchy maneuver to get to the side of the road on wet pavement with 75 racing idiots around me. Luckily, we had a “wheel van” and I had brought an extra set of wheels. The van is intended for everyone, which kind of sucks if you flat and someone took your wheels and that person didn’t put any of their own wheels in. But, as laws of probability would have it, generally enough people contribute their wheels that for the few flats that actually occur there will be enough. I had to wait though because the wheel van stays well behind the pack. So the wheel van stops, and we quickly get to putting on a new wheel. When I got going again, and turn onto River Rd, the pack was gone. River Rd is rolling, so being without a pack draft on the downhills resulted in me losing any time gain I was making on the uphills. Damn!

So, 3.5 miles into a 40 mile race and I am in chase mode. I am time-trialing my ass off. But the blinking lights of the trailing moto behind the pack aren’t getting any closer. I keep this up through the rest of the first lap and continue the suffering for 3 more laps. Well I chased for close to 27 miles right at my limit. At the start of the 5th and last lap I pulled the plug. In hindsight, I should have just done one more lap to say I finished, but a group that started behind us was coming into their finish (they did fewer laps) and I slowed to let them go by. When I did that, my motivation was sort of lost. For all the power geeks – I maintained 325w (337 normalized) for an hour and ten minutes. Not bad for me. Turns out this was a good opportunity to test my threshold – about 330w.
Well my curse continues. Here’s a brief overview of my mechanicals and mishaps during this race season, road and mtb, in no particular order…

rear wheel comes out of dropout; same wheel continues to rub the chainstay. broken chain (mtb). pedal comes off (mtb). multiple dropped chains (all at the most opportune time I assure you). flat (today). at least 3 bonks (all mtb). and several races where I just felt like crap. I know I am missing a few others, but they’ve all melded into a festering lesion in my brain

It would appear that when I am feeling my best – I have a mechanical mishap. When nothing happens – I bonk, or just feel like crap. In fact, that my explain the SM100 bonk. How could I go 70 miles without a flat, broken chain, or some other kind of problem, and not expect the Gods to punish me for going too hard without paying some fee? I thought my Karma balance was in the green. I mean – I generally hate most people (they’re selfish, self absorbed, and inconsiderate and would just assume throw coffee in your face then say hello) – but I still try to do the right thing. I’ve got to make peace with the world and the shitbags it’s full of or Lady Karma is going to stuff me in her pain cave.

OK – enough venting. I love you all (well, only some of you, and even then – just kidding).


~ by Indy on September 16, 2006.

One Response to “Cursed!”

  1. Ok Earl Hickey – Time to make “The List” and do right what must have been done wrong! Listen to your body, and maybe even your bikes are trying to communicate that it’s time to allow yourself to take a break. Remember why you love to ride, forget about the competition all the time, and just become one with the road/mountain. Find Nirvana young grasshopper.

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