One of those days

So I got a call from Judd yesterday at 4pm.  Basically it went …”i’ve crashed at s. glenn, can you pick me up”.  Feeling obligated to my fellow cyclist, I left work early and headed north on route 1.  What an f*ing nightmare.  The craziest sons-of-bitches driving like they’re late for their wedding.  I was staying in the left lane to avoid some of the mayhem, but eventually needed to get over to the right to get on the 495 ramp heading west.  I see an opening, swing over, and as if beamed down by Scottie, a small, maroon Saturn appears before me. I hit the horn, the brakes, and downshift – but there wasn’t enough time.  She pulled out without seeing me and when I hit the horn she stopped dead in her tracks.  I bumped her, then pulled immediately into the lot where she had just pulled out of.  After some apologies and inspection of her vehicle she asks what to do.  I told her to give me her license and insurance info.  I wasn’t upset, although my stressed out scowl probably frightened her some because she kept apologizing – profusely.  While writing down her license info I notice the birth-date is 1987.  Is she even old enough to drive?  The math returns 19 years old – just to add insult to injury I suddenly feel a bit older.  No real damage to either car, I tell her things are ok, I just want the info for the “just in case” scenario.  At this point her voice is quivering and her eyes are welling up.  Now I start feeling sorry for her – ask her if she is ok and she explains what a shitty day she has had.  In some nicer words I tell her to suck it up.  This is minor in the grand scheme of things.  Plus, I’ve got to get back on the road – my friend has shed some weight in the form of road rash and at this point wounds and muscles are likely starting to announce their presence.

I get out to the Potomac area – again dealing with lots of retards on the road.  Approaching the scene of the accident I see Judd sitting on the guard rail on the left side of the road.  I signal that I will make a right on Glenn and pull a u-turn.  I pull the truck into a dirt pull off on the left and intend to do a 3-point turn.  However, I had to wait for some cars coming by.  I start to back up – the truck is stuck.  I spin the wheels some more.  Yep – stuck.  I pulled into seemingly wet, soft earth.  I jump out, lock the hubs, throw it in 4 wheel drive, but it’s still some work to get out and I burn inches off my clutch.  The belching smell reminds me that I’ve just wasted years worth of clutch…”remember that smell when you’re replacing me in 2 years, moron”.

After dropping Judd at home I struck out on a ride of my own.  Daylight was quickly fading so the pace was fast to get in as much as I could in as little time as possible.  I’m almost hit several times by the afore-mentioned retards.

The night, however, ends on a good note.  Kim arrives soon after I showered up at Judd’s and she, Sonja, Judd, and I eat the best Vace pizza we’ve had to date.  The food Gods were sympathetic to my plight I guess.


~ by Indy on September 13, 2006.

One Response to “One of those days”

  1. That is what you call one ugly day!….ps…watch your language young man!

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