Rapid Fire

I haven’t posted in a few days – ok, many days. So this will just have to be brief.

Money situation resolved with Vidalia. I didn’t even have to speak to them, though I tried. My account was correct the day after I left a message for the manager.

Raced Wednesday – felt great. Won the intermediate sprint (aka prime or preme) and got another $20 gift card to Capital Hill bikes. I’ve won 5 or 6 this year. In fact every one I’ve raced since May or something. Since the race entrance is only $10 it works out to be a profit of sorts. I mean, I’m going to spend money on bike stuff anyway – this way I net about $50 after you do the math.

Family rolled into town Thursday night. Heather, Sean, and Co. were headed to North Carolina to see Gordon, Sarah, and McKenna. Heather et al. were having their floors redone and thus were forced to abandon ship or be consumed by the fumes. I was stressed because I have some papers I am trying to get finished and out for review and having a 7 year old nephew and oversized 2.5 year niece tested my patience Friday morning. Nonetheless, it was great seeing them. And they had a great time in NC.

Raced Sunday and I sucked. I went out too hard on a hot day and blew up like a claymore mine before the first lap was even half way over. I suffered for the following 2 hours to finish in 2:25 and 14th place. Not sure how I fell so far off my horse since Wednesday, but a bunch of really good beers Friday night with the boys before seeing that ridiculous movie – Beerfest – might have something to do with it. Couple that with poor rest, eating, and hydration and it makes for a good recipe to break me like soft shelled egg.

Monday – Family in town: Take 2. Headed north they stopped in like Geese on their long journey. Tired and ornery. Again, always good to see them and luckily I had Watership Down to sooth the savages – at least for a little while.

Today – road to UMD. Got to the gym to shower. It was closed. Did my best impression of washing up using the bathroom sink and baby wipes. Finished the abstracts and crushed my brain with numbers, equations, and theories on fire energy. Tonight about 10 or 11 of the tenants in my condo met with a lawyer. Our developer/current condo board/slum lord has pushed our buttons and frayed us to this point. It’s time to drop the gloves. His process of doing things on the cheap and fast-talking us into thinking things are getting done right are about to end. Not just because we’ve got a lawyer (the 2nd we’ve talked with), but because we are getting organized and getting informed. That’s a deadly combo for some relatively bright young people who are pissed off.

More to come…5 days until the Shenandoah Mountain 100. Despite my piss-poor performance last Sunday, I’m still confident that I will have my best result yet.

Newest Giant safety?



~ by Indy on August 29, 2006.

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