Add this one to my list…

of places to go. Peru. Alex and Lara were just there for vacation and their pictures are amazing. I know that the pix only do half the justice – so I can imagine how overwhelming the mountains, culture, and environment must have been. South America, particularly the west coast from Ecuador to Argentina, is on my places to see. I would love to hit the Galapagos Islands – home of the theory of natural selection and Darwinism (we need more of that) – and head all the way down to the Cape Horn. Anyway, here a few of many great pix from their trip – including the banner above.

guide_horse_boy_mtns1.JPG lara_at_machu_picchu.JPG alex_at_machu_picchu.JPG

Doing much better after being seemingly attacked by a mean-spirited infection. Yep, mean-spirited. Only a real bastard of an infection would attack my mouth and make eating so un-enjoyable. I love to eat and this cruel shit decided to impede one of my joys in life. I mean, I’ll lose a finger, an ear, maybe some toes to a flesh eating virus, the plague, whatever. So long as I can stuff my face while doing it. Better now though.

Hit up the NASA workshop today being held at the UMUC. Some good talks, discussions, and poster presentations. I am looking forward to going out to the AGU conference in San Francisco this December, and another in San Fran in April. Seems SF is a hot bet for nerd gatherings. Maybe I can find a Star Wars convention that coincides with one of these. The facilities at UMUC are really nice and lunch, snacks, etc were good – the beauty of conferences.

Made some gains with research work and I need to start writing for another paper my advisor wants to get published asap. I also have some new areas I need to focus on so time to hunker down.

Riding is going well. Prep for the Shenandoah Mountain 100 seems to be shaping up nicely and I am starting to taper to peak for this race. Hard to know how you’re going to do in a 100 mile event, but past experience certainly helps. This year I’d like to go a little harder at the start to avoid some traffic. I started very mellow last year and finished pretty strong with my best time (9 hours 10 minutes), despite 10 to 20 (minutes) for a tire with bad behavior (I tore the sidewall). This year I am shooting for 8:30. I think I can do it, but it is a balancing act between pushing the pace and blowing up. We’ll see. Just under two weeks left. This weekend is the last Cranky Monkey. I am feeling strong and hope to have a good result. I plan to really push myself, as this is the last hard effort before SM100, and see how my body deals. Tomorrow is the Greenbelt training race. I will likely ride aggressively there too to get in a hard work out with easy days between these two events.

Sleepy time now….


~ by Indy on August 22, 2006.

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