Restaurant Week Adventures

I hit the wall due to some phantom mouth infection and Thursday evening I felt like I had the flu. I was hot, cold, aching, joints sore, headache…etc. Kim, Sonja, Judd and I had reservations for Vidalia and after taking a midday nap I was questioning my motivation. I did my best impression of someone who dresses up for work (slacks, pressed shirt, dress shoes) and swaddled to the metro. 5:30 reservations are ridiculous, but it’s restaurant week, so if we want to pretend to eat well, but actually do it on the cheap, then we need to play by the rules. Dinner was good, but my gums were hurting, jaw joints sore, and neck splitting my skull. Our waiter was new I guess because he was hawking over us like a puppy/psycho ex-girlfriend. I know – weird combo. Oh – and he f’d up our bill. Here’s the scoop…you tell me if this isn’t intuitive. We give him x amount of cash and a credit card. Seems to me that you apply the cash to the total bill and run the card for the balance – let the guest with the card apply the tip. The cash was more than half the total, this way Judd/Sonja were covering have the bill plus half the tip. Our bill would be less then half, if run correctly, but applying the tip would make us both even. Well, Donald comes back with some random number run to the card. You know what it’s easier with the actual numbers…

Total = 191.66 (174.24 + 17.42 tax)
We planned to leave $115 cash and the remainder should have been charged…$76.66

On top of which I would add $40 tip – about 21% (23% if you don’t count the tax). Too much, but some wine and my antibiotics and nobody’s math could be trusted.

This would leave a total of $231.66…

He comes back with my card run for $91.99 ???? I mean, the 99 cents doesn’t even make sense!

The only thing I can think of is he was charging the balance due ($76.66) and adding a 20% tip to the pre-tax total ($174.24). However, 20% of 174.24 = 34.85 and he added an additional 32.75 (91.99 – 76.66). So he added something like 18.80%. Maybe that’s a Vidalia thing.

Anyway, we tell him (politely) and try to explain our seemingly (to us) intuitive logic. He comes back with the corrected charge and tells me the other charge has been voided – he said he tore it into a million pieces. Now in my sluggish state of mind I didn’t catch this red alarm. Where is my voided receipt to sign? Where is there proof? Tearing it up doesn’t stop the charge from ELECTRONICALLY being deducted. That piece of paper is practically useless… Except for now. I have been charged twice and can dispute the charge he tore up ($91.99) since there is no proof I authorized it – assuming he did tear it up. The other charge – wait for it…$115. What? I signed the 2nd receipt for the above amount I planned…$76.66 + $40 tip…= 116.66. Where is the $115 coming from.

OK – done venting. That was some ranting, but I had to sort this out in words. This shit just jerks my chain sideways. Not sure why, but it does. As my friends and family can attest I have no patience for things I think are straightforward, but applied ass-sideways. Makes me something of an asshole at times. Usually to my friends and family because I am too polite to say this shit to strangers. That’s that. Time to call Vidalia.


~ by Indy on August 20, 2006.

One Response to “Restaurant Week Adventures”

  1. Glad to see it ‘splained in simple English. Effin’ ridiculous.

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