Long week of work and training. Raced last Sunday and have been training hard each day since…time for an easy day tomorrow. Couple that with data issues at work and my energy – both mind and body – is waning.

Dentist appointment today – woohoo. Cleaning revealed no major issues and next week I will go back for another TMJ specific appointment. Things are coming along with this treatment and most of my neck/head pain seem to be related to previous injuries and current training/overuse. Speaking of which – saw a new chiropractor today. She is in the same office complex as my dentist and specializes in sports medicine. She also does a lot of mtb, triathlon, and adventure racing – so she understands what I am saying when I talk training overuse, or crash related injuries, etc. Most importantly, other then my pancake-flat feet, nothing seems to be inherently wrong with. My issues are related to training, stress, and scar tissue. I can handle that. I plan to see her again after the SM100 and also plan to have her do some TMJ related work. Oh, and she has a certified massage therapist on staff, so deep tissue work will soon follow.

I did the Goon ride tonight – a fast paced group ride down Beach Drive and into Rock Creek park. I was feeling cocky, although not exceptionally strong, so I drove the pace at the front. When we hit the Ross Dr hill I missed the turn, or rather the short cut the group takes across a bike path to hit the hill and avoid the traffic turn (first time hitting this ride). Nevertheless, I could feel the band stretching and when my UMD teammate, and recently upgraded Cat 1, Adam Fung hit the gas – I went out the back of the group like jettisoned trash.  I kept chasing, but the group, or what was left of it, was gone. I was ok with this. I raced hard last night at Greenbelt, attacked some, chased breaks, and took a preme ($20 gift certificate to Capitol Hill bikes). So I was due to get smoked like salmon tonight. Speaking of last night…I had good position in the final sprint and came around the guy ahead me to start my kick (I think I was in third). I heard Clifton Gray coming up on the left, so I downshift to get more gear – and then boom! My lungs or back or heart hurt so bad I thought my upper back was going to blow out. Like my lungs were going to breach my hull. Hurt like a mo-fo. I just sat up, mistakenly cut someone off, and watched 8 guys go blowing by with 100 meters left. Oh well. My back has been jacked up since I decided to do the post-Cranky Monkey push-up contest to win Kim a shirt and hat. I didn’t win. Now my neck, shoulders, and back hurt. I haven’t done push-ups since January and doing them after a race was dumb. I could have done 10 and still gotten Kim the t-shirt. No, I decided to keep going – I did 57 in 1 minute. Impressive, right?  No – stupid.  Believe me, past about 30 or 40 they looked pathetic I’m sure.  I was getting that twitchy, wooble leg thing going and was shaking like a leaf.  Great post race cool down.  I’m an idiot!  The guy who won did 62 or 63 and was like 10+ years older than me. It was a day when I was destine to finish 2nd. Oh yeah, I got smoked in the race and finished 2nd in the expert group.

That’s enough…

pix from last Sunday…

ex2-tcm-02-06-1163.jpg ex2-tcm-02-06-1164.jpg ex2-tcm-02-06-1343.jpg


~ by Indy on August 11, 2006.

One Response to “Pooped”

  1. Agree you seem to be a glutton for punishment. Hope the juice is worth the squeeze. Congrats on 2nd place. Just when in September is Shenandoah 100? G & S will be flying to PHX 19th of Sept. As of this morning, all they will be able to carry on board is bottle for the baby. The usual overkill…they were confiscating toothpaste and books along with bottled water and Starbucks coffee at Sky Harbor. Have you spoken w/Rene? Understand Carrie went through an endurance test delivering baby. Sorry it had to end w/C Section and that she had to have so many hours of labor. She will have a longer recovery period from the surgery but healthy baby is the blessing. Decided to do some fix ups around house but frustrated by choices, price differentials, etc. (tile vs wood floors vs new carpet). Going to Hawaiian Luai on Saturday night. Should be fun. Love you both.

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