Busy week, but a fair bit accomplished. Finished the first draft of the paper for my recent research. I am making revisions today. Then got the first step of the fire energy-carbon emissions analysis done. I plan to run some statistics later today on those. However, I developed a 3pm caffeine deficiency disorder almost everyday this week requiring my hasty exit to the nearest java shack – in this case the ubiquitous Starbucks.

Speaking of Starbucks, this is how crazy the stock market is… So Starbucks’ profits only rose 4% this past month, down from their usual 8-16%, but still kick ass for the industry. They blamed the slump on hot weather which persuaded patrons to order the frappachino cold drinks, resulting in longer lines, and thus turning some customers away. The market result was a sell-off of stock of resulting in a $2 something per share loss. SO…they are still doing well, just not well enough for what most investors have become accustom with – crazy. Guess that’s why I don’t invest. That, and a lack money.

Skipped the Wednesday mountain bike race due to our oven-like temperatures. We hit 101 on Thursday and God knows what it was with the heat index. Instead I road all the way to Clarendon, VA to do the Squadra Coppi team ride at 6:30am Weds morning. Rough hitting the road at 5:50am to hussle over to Virginia. Good ride though. 4 long hill intervals at race pace with a brief cool down looping around to hit the next hill. Don’t know if I will make it a habit, but I now know it’s an option.

Cranky Monkey race tomorrow. #2. Dirt crit. Basically a shortened version of the Wednesday race so that the loops are like 5 or 6 minutes instead of 15. Most mtb race laps (if they have laps) are about 30 minutes…so I guess it’s like a crit. Plus, it’s only an hour + 1 lap – adopted from road crits.

Went to a going away party last night for Jens. His wife, Karen, has already moved to Albuquerque, NM about 3 weeks ago and he is heading out to join her now. He’ll be missed. Funny, friendly guy and a bit of an icon on the mtb race scene. Not too many 6’6″ Danish mountain bikers – especially ones that spank most everybody. Hence the nickname – The Biking Viking. Last week he took 4th at the Wilderness 101 – a 101 mile mtb race in PA. Bad ass. It was fun to talk shop with all the other folks I only normally talk with at races. Plus, surprise, we had more to talk about once biking got old. Didn’t know I could do that.

Took the day off from riding today. I had ambitious plans to join my friend Matt for the 7am DC Velo ride and then break off to add more miles together in preparation for the Shenandoah Mountain 100. However, some extra beers couple with my recently strained lower back and the re-emerging saddle chaffing issue sidelined me. I was bummed this morning, but hope my restraint will help me with a speedy recovery. Doubt it, but I have to try.

So that’s that. FYI – picture in the header is from Costa Rica from a great bar that was built around a C130 from the Iran-Contra affair – El Avion.  One C130 crashed in Honduras, spurring the Congressional inquiry  (Oliver North) when a CIA agent were found aboard smuggling arms, and this one – left behind by the US government at the San Jose airport. Someone bought it, broke it down, and shipped it by boat and truck to this coastal area next to the national park – Manual Antonio. They build multiple decks around the plane with the internals of the fuselage being one of several bars. Very cool.



~ by Indy on August 5, 2006.

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