Boiling Point

Heat Waves and Busting Bellies…things are coming to a head. Here are some more pics of Carrie and family from their online photo album at: This is my favorite I think…that’s some belly!

Worked like a dog today trying to finish this paper so I can get it published. Hard part is, as good a record and documentation as I tried to keep, still some information requires a tedious amount of time to sift through to get what I want. Note to self – write more thoroughly while working on data.

Tomorrow will continue this laborious effort, but I am almost finished. Hopefully I will have the first draft done tomorrow. Not like it’s going to be a nice day to be outside…110-115 with the heat index in the city!!! I will need to get up early tomorrow and get out for a ride because once this high pressure dome – as “they” are calling it – hits, even the morning and evenings are going to suck. Rules out racing Wednesday night I guess.

Speaking of which, Sunday’s race kind of sucked too. Had a good start and was battling it out for 3rd-5th place with the typical mtb honchos, but my legs started feeling like lead sleds and by the 3rd (of 4) lap my times had fallen off. I was going backwards. I didn’t bonk. Didn’t cramp. Just didn’t have “it”. I don’t even think it was the heat. My legs were just tired, and then my lower back tightened…something I’ve been dealing with for a few weeks now, and that sealed the deal. Once my back seizes up like that, it’s hard to generate power to the pedals. I made an appointment to see my favorite bone cracker (aka the Chiro) tomorrow – maybe get some acupuncture done too. Then massage on Friday.

Random thoughts: Mid East is F’d – no two ways about it. No sides to take either. Both are right and wrong.

Mel Gibson is the latest train wreck – drunk and antisemitic. Anyone really surprised? Have you seen the Passion of the Christ?

Lots of cheaters in sports…track sprinter Gaitlin (or however you spell his name) busted for doping too. Make no mistake – Floyd is guilty too. Hit the wall hard one day – goes out and destroys the field in the Tour the next. Sorry, a couple beers and shots of whiskey doesn’t do that. I know, I tried this past weekend….read the above paragraph for the results.




~ by Indy on August 1, 2006.

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