Eating homemade vanilla ice cream with blueberries – damn good. Also good is the fact I exercise otherwise I would be a fat-skinny guy. You know the type…swayed back, skinny arms, lodgepole legs. From behind they look skinny, almost alien like, but from the periphery they look like they’re in their 3rd trimester. I love the sweets and the Devil’s cream is my poison.

Raced this weekend at Fairhill in Elkton, MD. So hot! In fact we had a heat advisory today – it was supposed to hit 104 with the humidity and tomorrow could be 104 -108 heat index. Great for the skin. My race sucked pretty much. My shifting cable pulled out of the rear derailleur – bike jargon for “my bike broke” – less than 0.5 mile into the double track start. I pulled off out of 3rd position and when I was done with the repair the 25 man field was long gone. Couple that with a long week of training and work and I was ready to start drinking or something (maybe eating). But I went upon my way and figured it would make for a good training ride. My lethargy actually saved me some energy because about 2 hours into the race it became a yard sale. Guys were blowing up from the heat. The 29 mile loop was muddied from recent rain and now littered with racers going backwards. Some of the fastest were reduced to bike pushing noodles. In the end I finished 9th – which is ok since I figured I was relegated to last place at the start.

Today I worked on some proposals with my boss/adviser and continued on writing a paper on my research to try and get published. The seizing lower back pain, heat, and general exhaustion made for a good excuse to stay inside and enjoy the mind numbing a/c.

Besides having streets, cities, dorms and more named after me – now my City is the 4th best to live in. Like how I said “my” city.

I am looking forward to the trip this weekend to see the fam – hopefully the weather will be nice and I can work on getting rid of the severe farmer’s tan biking has left me with. Above the cover of a short sleeve I am white as Casper.

In other news…the world is going to hell.  Pics from the Sawtooth complex in Cali…

Both sad and f’d up how much violence there is in the world.


~ by Indy on July 18, 2006.

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  1. Interesting that along w/Ellicott City, MD, was Cary, NC (outside Raleigh), Scottsdale, AZ and Fairfield, CT….at least we are all living in the chosen states within distance of the winning towns. HOT here too as you well know. Can’t wait to leave and experience some of that refresing humidity on the other end of the country!!!
    Middle East has been a hot bed for as long as I can recall. Israeli’s have long been tough and won’t be pushed around. Ironically, they are seeking safe return of captured soldiers and killing a whole lot of innocents in the bargain. Hezbullah on the other hand, are just fanatics and solution to situation is not clear or easy.

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