Weather woes – Rain blows

Another set of violent T-storms hit the DC region this evening. The humidity and heat today was egg frying hot…then the gods cracked the whip just in time to cancel the Wednesday night mountain bike race. I think it’s rescheduled for tomorrow, but so is the rain. I think Mother N will win again.

Great Tour de France this year with no clear dominant rider like the last 7 Lance years. The recent Operacion Puerto, or whatever it is called, doping scandal pretty much stripped the peloton of many of the top contenders for the overall. I love how some seem so surprised – and better yet, how some still think Lance didn’t take drugs. Come on. Over the last seven years he has beaten: Tyler Hamilton, Ivan Basso, Jan Ulrich, Marco Pantani, Francisco Mancebo – all of whom have been convicted or implicated recently for taking performance enhancing drugs. Not hard to fathom that when someone like Lance is not only winning, but destroying the field, which is stacked with the above and other riders taking drugs, that he too must be. This year has been a total crap shoot and it is making for the best Tour in 7 years. Want some online video coverge? OLN and have some good stuff, including recaps. For myself – who doesn’t have cable and can’t stand the crap on tv anyway, this is as good as it gets.

I have been going a couple different directions with research, but at least things are wrapping up, to some extent, with my initial research endeavors.

Now I need to go take my own form of performance enhancing drugs – ice cream.

~ by Indy on July 13, 2006.

One Response to “Weather woes – Rain blows”

  1. love this blog site. It keeps me a bit more in the loop as to your life and daily happenings. I also like the change of photos and especially love the newest from the NZ trip. Hoping to take a short road trip mid August with Marsha (and possibly LeAnne) to Santa Fe/Taos area.
    G&S now planning to head to Seattle late Septemer to show off baby to her northwest relatives and hoping to stop for 2-3 days of Grandma spoiling in Phoenix.

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