Back to work – boo

Great weekend seeing friends and family. Times have certainly changed – it’s strange to see your childhood friends, and oft-drinking-partners-in-crime, so easily adapted to the parental role. What’s stranger is that it didn’t phase me that much. Seemed normal even. It’s both amazing and sobering to see us getting older. Shit, I can’t believe sometimes how often I think that. Time certainly is not on our side so better make the best of it.

Kim is away in Seattle. Weather, I am certain, is better there than here (rain has returned again). She is visiting the boat builder, who will be delivering the Coast Guard’s new Response Boat (rbm, m for medium – the gov loves their acronyms), and she will be touring the facilities. I hope I get out there soon to visit, have a chance to see Autumn and Jaisve, and drink a ton of java.

We watched the fireworks downtown from Judd’s building rooftop deck. It was cool to see the fireworks not only downtown, but around the city. Seemed like any town, municipality, and street corner had something to shoot off. The natural fireworks in the form of lightning were arguably better.


~ by Indy on July 6, 2006.

One Response to “Back to work – boo”

  1. Had my own fireworks late last night. My friend Marsha has a house here in Cottonwood on the golf course within view of the Clubhouse. She grew up in Michigan where her family ran a lucretive Nursery/Landscaping business. She has transformed her backyard into a lush oasis, complete with freeform swimming pool and waterfall. We had a great evening and when we left the winds were picking up. First official monsoon of the season hit 15 minutes after I got home. The light show to the south (from Tucson) was incredible. Lost power for quite awhile. Oh well, guess I better get used to it. What is the name of the company Kim works for?

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